About us

Our history dates back to 1954. Our goal is the quality and high aesthetics of the wooden furniture that we advocate all these years to be able to be transported throughout Greece and abroad. All this could not be realized if there was not a strong team whose daily struggle and passion is to find, combine and propose new products and solutions at the most competitive market prices.

Where can I find you?

In the privately owned renovated area of ​​2000 sq.m. in Kozani you will find Greek and imported furniture modern, neoclassical, classic, children’s furniture, fabrics, upholstery, carpets, paintings, lighting and decorations for every taste. We also have a design and special constructions department, while the specialized staff of the stores is at your disposal to undertake the study, supervision and decoration of your interior space. Visit our store for inspiration, to find smart signature solutions and most importantly, flexible payment methods.

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